Tracks & Trails Magazine

Tracks & Trails is the Official Magazine of the UBNJ and its Membership.  The UBNJ would like to see MORE members submit articles and photos for inclusion in Tracks & Trails. Your submission can be about a memorable hunt, a tip or trick, or even a how-to type article. Photos can also be from a hunt or an archery event you’ve taken or attended.

Your article or photo may be archived for publication in future issues. Photos should be submitted as a JPEG file in the highest resolution possible.

Please email all articles and photos to MS Word files are preferred for articles, but PDF and email files will be accepted.

It should be noted that the UBNJ retains the right to reject and/or edit any or all material deemed offensive, misleading, inaccurate, unethical or otherwise deleterious to the UBNJ and/or the sports of bowhunting or archery.

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