Hunters Helping the Hungry


I’d like to introduce you to The Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc. This is a non-profit 501-c3 organization developed by three hunters during the 1997-1998 hunting season to help provide quality protein for the hungry in New Jersey while addressing the overpopulation of deer in our communities. Since the inception of the program, hunters have donated over 219,000 pounds of venison to the Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc. providing approximately 876,000 servings to those people of our community most in need. As you probably know, venison is a higher source of protein than beef while being lower in fat.

The Hunters Helping the Hungry program has received state funding of $95,000 for 2000 which unfortunately was decreased to $75,000 in 2001. This funding was approximately half of the amount needed to support this valuable program for one year. Although State funding for the 2004-2005 season was unavailable, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife provided a $50,000 matching grant for donations made to the venison program for the 2003-2004 season. The Hunter's Helping the Hungry program has regularly exhausted funding before the hunting season has ended, resulting in the premature closing of this valuable supportive program. This in turn has resulted in a loss of thousands of pounds of donated venison annually to those individuals needing meals that our hunts provide.

Hunters participate in the program by donating deer through approved butchers to Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc. Processing fees are paid to the butcher by Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc, from a fund consisting of donations and grants and a $25 contribution made by the hunter for each deer donated. After processing, donated venison is distributed by Northwest New Jersey Community Action Program (NORWESCAP) Food Bank and the Ocean/Monmouth Food Banks to over 130 charities (church pantries, soup kitchens, welfare recipients and shelters). Venison from the Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc, program reaches needy charities statewide. While the charities served by the food banks continually increase their requests for venison, funding for this valuable program decreases each year. Although Hunters Helping the Hungry's volunteer staff of six people continues to solicit state and local funding, resources are not adequate to fund this worthy cause.

Now, WE NEED YOUR HELP since Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc. will not be receiving any additional funding from any governmental source this year. Because of this shortfall, Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc. is reaching out to you in hope your organization/corporation may provide to our benevolent organization financial support that so desperately needed as we continue to strive to feed the hungry in New Jersey in the future. All funds received will be directly applied to augment processing fees for donated venison; there are no additional administrative costs associated with this program. Our small staff is completely volunteer donating their time, transportation, and supplies to Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc. We will succeed only as a collaborative effort between those of us committed to administer the program and those organizations/corporations and individuals that lend us support.

Only through the generous donations of caring individuals, businesses and organizations can we fulfill our program’s mission to provide balanced, healthy meals for the less fortunate of New Jersey. We are hopeful that we can count on your tax deductible support to help us continue our worthwhile program to help the needy. Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions or want additional information, please contact Jack Chellew at 908.835.1325 or Richard Wolven at 908.788.8073.

Please send your donation in the pre-addressed envelope to:

Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc.
Box 587
Lebanon, NJ 08833

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