Deer Management News

Current hunts and application details will be posted here on the UBNJ website in early Spring.  Be sure to check back often if you are interested in participating in one of these hunts. Please read the Deer Management Objectives and Frequently Asked Questions pages for a better understanding of the UBNJ's Program and how to apply for specific hunts.

As hunts are opened to accept applications they will be listed as OPEN on the Deer Management Locations Page; please check back often for the status of various hunts that you may be interested in applying for.



To all UBNJ members:

UBNJ is currently working on obtianing the permission from the hunt program administrators to release their respective locations. Once the hunts are approved, the website will be updated accordingly and the application process will commence. Thanks for your support and we will continue to make this organization and program a major benefit for the NJ bowhunter.

Best regards,

Jack Spoto








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