Deer Management FAQs

Q: How do I participate in the UBNJ Deer Management program?

Every year we get calls and emails from UBNJ members that want to participate in our Deer Management (DM) program but the season has already begun and it may be October, November and even sometimes in December. Here are a few answers to the most common questions. Please be aware that these hunts are only open to UBNJ members that are over 18 years of age. Some hunts require that the hunters are over 21 years of age. Each hunt location has its own specific rules and regulations besides UBNJ’s overall program rules.

Q1: How do I find out where the UBNJ DM hunts are located?

A: Check the UBNJ.ORG website on a regular basis from April through August or email your UBNJ county rep to see if they are aware of any upcoming DM programs in your area.

 Q2: How do I apply?

A: After you have found a program that is in an area that you are familiar with and that you will be able to put time in and hunt, go to the UBNJ.ORG website and download an application. Follow these instructions completely and send in the application fee.

 Q3: What information will I need to fill out my application?

A: As of January 1, 2008 you will need a NJ Firearms ID card and the address must match your Drivers License. This is in response to our hunt property hosts knowing that our hunters have at least been background checked. In the past, UBNJ has accepted alternative solutions to the FID card on an individual basis. Please work with your Hunt Manager and Region VP for exceptions. In addition, a current Bow Hunting or All Around Hunting License, a valid driver’s license, an email address and cell phone number plus your vehicle information.

Q4: Where do I send my application?

A: The address will be listed on the UBNJ.ORG website in the same area as the DMP applications.

Q5: How do I ensure I get selected for a Deer Management Program?

A: Fill out your application in its entirety and correctly. And turn it in early. Past performance of hunters is taken into account for all hunter selection.

Q6: What happens after I am selected?

A: You will be notified by the Hunt Manager with the date(s) of the orientation and proficiency qualification. The UBNJ hunter MUST provide either or both an email address or phone number that the hunt manager can contact that will allow the hunter to respond in 24 hours or less.

Q7: What is the Proficiency qualification?

A: The proficiency test is needed to allow the hunt manager the opportunity to see if the hunter handles their bow safely and that the hunter can put three broadhead tipped arrows at 20 yards in an eight inch circle. No practice tips will be allowed for expandles. Our insurance carrier also requires us to implement the test to reduce the rates on our policy. There is no sharing of equipment and no exceptions. If there is a firearm hunt on the property, a separate proficiency test will take place during the bow season. A hunter MUST use his or her own equipment, slugs only and shoot 3 out of 4 slugs in a 8 inch circle off hand (simulating a hunting condition) at 50 yards. UBNJ will prioritize the bowhunters for all hunt locations.

Q8: What can I do to help my chances?

A: Practice with the equipment you plan to hunt with. Make sure that your UBNJ membership is valid through the last day of the Winterbow season for the hunt year you apply for. Show up at the orientation on time and make sure you bring your hunt fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to UBNJ.

Q10: Will crossbows be allowed on the UBNJ hunt properties?

A: Up until the 2010-2011 season, the only people that were allowed to use crossbows on UBNJ hunt properties were individuals with a valid handicap permit. As of mid-year 2010, the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife game codes were changed to allow crossbow usage for the 2010-2011 season and beyond. UBNJ allows crossbow usage on all hunt properties; unless the hunt host does not permit it. Please refer to the Additional Hunt Rules and Regulations to check usage. It's up to the hunter to review all of the standard rules and regulations for the hunts plus understand any additional host rules that may apply.

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