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UBNJ helps make the Archery Range in Union County a Reality 

Finally the dream of having an archery range in Union County has become a reality. This was done by the unselfish dedication of a few archers and clubs from Union County. Special thanks to Mike Tully for never giving up. With the help of UBNJ, Cranford Rod and Gun Club, TANJ, Spinal Navigators, Wa-Xo-Be, 4H of Union County, NASP and Clair Butler, a wonderful lady who is still an active shooter at the tender age of 92, we presented our case to the Union County Freeholders and the rest is History. I'm sorry if I have forgotten anyone.

We broke ground at Oak Ridge June 16, and were faced with the monumental task of erecting 500 feet of stockade fence (8X8), something none of us knew we could possibly do. Again, up to the plate stepped up two great UBNJ members Luis Sarmiento JR and SR., owners of Accurate fence. With their knowledge and equipment we were able to erect all 500 feet in two Saturdays of work.

We are shooting for a July opening. Anyone that wants to start the registration process. Mr. Mike Tully will be at the range from 6:00 PM till 9:00 PM June the 15 through the 19, and Saturday June the 20 from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM. If you need any more information please write to:

Mr. Mike Tully

Mr. Tony Bretones, UBNJ Union, County Representative

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